Deploy A Website In Five Minutes

Imagine that I said that I would give you $1 million if you could deploy a web page that displays "Hello, world!" in under 5 minutes.

A website with hello world printed on screen.

Do you think you could do it?

What Is A Website, Anyway?

A website is just an HTML document that is stored on a web server and accessible by web browsers.

For a long time, the process of getting a web page up and running on the Internet was pretty tedious, and definitely couldn't be done in under 5 minutes.

You'd have to get register a domain, find a hosting provider, set up an FTP connection to upload your web page's code to a web server, and then finally wait for your hosting provider to make your site available.

However, the development of deployment platforms like ZEIT's Now 2 has dramatically cut down the amount of steps necessary to get a website up and running on the Internet.

To access Now 2, you need to create an account at ZEIT and have NPM installed, as the command line interface for Now 2 is distributed as an NPM package.

In a terminal window, type the following command.

If you have NPM installed locally, this command will install the command line interface for the Now 2 deployment platform. At this point, make sure you have an account set up at ZEIT.

Create a new folder and create a new file called `index.html`.

This is a basic HTML document. It will just display the words "Hello, world!" on the screen.

To deploy this web site, just type `now` in your terminal shell, making sure that your current working directory is the folder where `index.html` is saved.

This will upload your index.html file to the Now 2 platform and give you a URL. You will be asked for the credentials for your ZEIT account.

Congratulations! You've just deployed a website! Wasn't that fast?

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